What’s Missing in the Pokemon Story

If you’re a gamer, when you think of Pokemon you probably think of action and a game quest of becoming a Pokemon Master. But if you’re not a gamer, when you think of Pokemon you probably think of exotic animal like creatures that are attractive and have special powers. In a lot of ways, Pokemon are like unicorns, the phoenix, or other mythical creatures. It was not like this though until well into several years of Pokemon gaming.

Pokemon, owned by Nintendo, has been one of the Pokemon Conquest ROM world’s most popular games ever, second only to Mario (another Nintendo offering). In fact, in many ways you could say that Pokemon is even more popular than Mario; for Pokemon has many spinoffs and other merchandise that Mario does not. Pokemon Black and White is the latest incarnation of the game itself, and lo and behold if one doesn’t see Pokemon Black and White stuffed toys, Pokemon cards from the series, and Pokemon Black and White Zuken figures being sold like wild at Pokemon outlets. Since spinoff merchandising began with Pokemon Blue, every new release such as Crystal and others has shown the same phenomena. In other words, the game is hot, and so is the merchandise, and although the animation also has done very well (14 movies- the latest a Pokemon Black and White story- and multiple television series), the focus on Pokemon has either been pitting the mythical ‘monsters’ against each other or on collecting dolls and cards.

In other words, no one has really come up with a good story behind the Pokemon. They are found in the wild (where other ‘regular’ wild animals are conspicuously lacking) and rather than being spread across wide continental regions, they are found in ‘zones.’ This is where trainers go to catch Pokemon (Pokehunting?) but there is little if no information on how the Pokemon themselves live in the wild or anything about their habits. They are caught with a ‘Pokeball,’ which, I suppose contracts space in the molecular structures of the Pokemon allowing them to be housed in a small capsule, but the biophysics behind the Pokeball is not explained either that I know of.

It is known that they are capable of spontaneous ‘evolution’ (emergent and sudden changes in their DNA), particularly after matches, but we don’t notice them evolving in nature- or at least very rarely. Nor are there any accounts if they ‘battle’ with each other in nature or not. Clearly though, they possess a predisposed talent toward battle.

Originally, the Pocket Monsters were of a very different conception. Speaking of mutations, it was a sort of mutated jump in thought in a gaming concept by Satoshi Tajiri. It is my suspicion that in coming up with a unique but not revolution ‘soft bot’ game (the kind that Pacman spawned) he needed an idea. Since he was an avid insect collector, he came up with concept of catching monsters and putting them into capsules. Thus before ‘Pocket Monsters’ the game was in conception called ‘Capsule Monsters.’ That concept has been skewed by the evolutionary animal aspect of the game though and Pokemon has plenty of room to grow in storyline and animation.