Test Cricket Never Dies

Indian cricket team has the most experience in T20 cricket among all playing nations. Yet it seems like they cant get past the Second round of the World Cup. This is the same team that won the first world t20 tournament. So what has changed is the past two years?

First of all, when this team won the first T20 thop tv cricket World Cup, most of the players were in their infant stage where they had to prove their worth to the selectors since it is very hard to get a place in the ODI’s with the likes of Sachin, Dravid and Zaheer still looking fit to play another 50 years.You could feel the excitement in the team when they came on to the field. They were like little kids trying to prove something. And boy did they. They won India the first T20 World Cup and made us proud. This gave all of them a shot to make their place in the Indian Team on a regular basis which is very close to the dream. Now these players are regular in the side and i feel like they dont feel as big of a deal playing for India as they did 2 years back. This is something they should have learned playing with Sachin. The excitement should go up every time you are on the field playing for India as you are the chosen representatives to the billion plus people and their expectations.

Second. No matter what they say, IPL is taking a toll on the players and their fitness. The amount of money given to them for playing is so huge that they are in pressure to perform or rather to prove their monetary value to their owners. Only a few years ago, Indian team wanted to have rest from playing only after a couple of series. They used to get fatigued which would decrease their performance potential. Now a days it seems that the money they are getting playing consistent cricket for two months straight in IPL is covering for the fatigue.

Indian Team should not forget that there are probably a million other players in India who are very excited to be part of the team and will perform to their greatest potential for the country. Hopefully a lesson will be learned after two gaffes.The only reason for this disappointment is that this team was the front contender of winning this World Cup as well as the last one. But according of our stupidly beloved captain, Partying after the IPL matches has taken a toll on the players. Nice Excuse! At least it was the truth.