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Up to now we’ve called it commonplace-feel – the understanding that
teens are not quite human. Sure, they look like us, nearly speak the
equal language, however they act greater like chimpanzees, extremely good-apes and

This not one of those funny articles with tongue-in-cheek, where we
each understand the comic story and the punch-line.

Yes, there are adults who behave like young adults – we name them celebrities,
and that they get pretty paid and aren’t about to shake-the-cash-tree.

Emotional Intelligence

This two-phrase word is now a center expertise 오피가이드 of literate university graduates, but there is no one hundred,000-mile warranty that all university graduates are literate.

Let us start with a confirmed neurological statement:

Teenagers pay at least attention to their very own feelings, and less to that
in their parents, siblings and peers.

It is technological know-how – new-technological know-how, but validated, precise neuroscience.

When adults communicate with others – adults or teens – they activate a
a part of their brain that is specific than the shape used by teens.

Empathy, motivation, self-understanding and imagining how other people will
experience and respond – are grownup brain features, absent in wager who?


Adults cause their Prefrontal Cortex – particularly the medial location – to awaken
their Emotional Intelligence – both inter and intra-active comprehension.
How can we realize?

MRI scanning of the brains of volunteers.


One of the most prestigious cognitive neuroscience studies facilities –
UCL – University College – London.


Dr. Sarah-Jayne Blakemore – senior researcher. The research was
brought in September, ’06 on the BA Festival of Science.

Conclusions: Teenagers can’t assume, act and sense like adults. Get over it.

A) She determined that young adults cause a special a part of their mind

while they interact with others – even if looking to parent out

their very own emotions.

B) It is called the Superior Temporal Sulcus – located in

the posterior in their mind, and features to predict the destiny with out

a crystal ball, based on beyond enjoy.

C) Be conscious teens have a Prefrontal Cortex, but it’s miles dormant
or centered on video game playing. The person Prefrontal Cortex of
reasoning, making plans and empathy – is an alien from another galaxy.