Large Serving Trays Are the Best

If you are website hosting a party, you will want to create a presentably attractive vegetable tray. Creating a veggie tray is virtually smooth in case you plan beforehand and collect everything that you’ll want earlier than you start to collect your tray.

You will want a spherical serving tray or a particularly designed veggie tray that has divided cavities for putting your veggies in. If your tray doesn’t include a vegetable dip box, you will want to deliver one.

It is usually recommended which you choose 5-7 greens to give for your celebration tray.


Wash and pat dry all of your greens. Cut off any roots, stems or unwanted leafy quantities.

Vegetable Selection:

Leafy Lettuce: Separate the lettuce leaves and use them to line your vegetable tray.

Broccoli: Cut florets off the stalk into individual serving-sized pieces.

Cauliflower: Cut pieces from head of cauliflower into character serving-sized pieces.

Cherry Tomatoes: Remove stems. Wash and pat dry.

Cucumbers: You can remove the pores and skin or depart it, that is totally up to you. Slice cucumber into 1/four” thick round slices.

Carrots: If the usage of child carrots, you’ll will not want to slice them down. If the use of complete-sized carrots, you will want to slice them down into sticks measuring about 1/4″ through 4″ in length.

Celery: Cut off leafy portions. Cut celery stalks into four” long portions.

Radishes: Cut off pinnacle part of radishes and any roots that could remain. It is quality to apply radishes which can be less than 1 half” in diameter.

Mushrooms: If you are using child mushrooms, go away only a 1/4″ of the stem last. If using larger sized mushrooms, slice them down into person portions.

Green Pepper: Remove the stem and seeds. Cut down into sticks measuring 1/four” through 4″ in duration.


Arrange the lettuce leaves to your tray, masking the whole bottom of the tray. Take your prepared greens and set up them around the tray in sections. Try to maintain your colors separated and unfold out the green coloured vegetables. I like to use a inexperienced vegetable, then a colored vegetable after which some other inexperienced vegetable and so forth as I cross round my tray. Leave an opening in the center of your tray for your vegetable dip.

Once you have got all your veggies onto the tray, its time to garnish the tray.

Garnish Ideas:

If you are using a flat serving tray, you can serving tray  separate your vegetable sections by laying a celery stick or carrot stick among every section. I like to feature a few additional shade by garnishing with inexperienced and black olives, crimson cabbage curls, radish fashioned plants or maybe some inexperienced and crimson grapes.

Here is a outstanding dip recipe.

Dill Weed Vegetable Dip

1 c. Bitter cream
1 c. Mayonnaise
1 tbsp. Dill weed
1 tbsp. Parsley
1 half tbsp. Lemon juice
1 tbsp. Minced onion

Mix all components collectively until nicely mixed. Chill for numerous hours earlier than serving. Serve with uncooked greens. Makes 2 cups.

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