How SEO saved businesses and why you should start it today

Since the beginning of SEO, SEO has always been a war between website owners or digital marketers and search engine bots. The SEO experts would create ways to trick search engines into ranking their site over others. A new SEO strategy was invented every day to help site owners get ahead of competitors.`

But recently SEO experts like Virginia Beach SEO have realized that it’s not about tricks, it’s about making websites useful. SEO has become a more of digital marketing company tactic than SEO experts trying to beat search engines. SEO saves business, but not all SEOs are doing SEO the right way

The history of SEO is short in comparison to the long history of digital marketing`. SEO didn’t even become popular until Google released its algorithm update in 2000. SEO started simple, SEOs would manipulate SEO-friendly text on their website to try and rank higher in search engines.

By 2005, SEOs started using gray hat methods, which are methods that do not violate any rules but will help you beat your competitors. Gray Hat SEO is mostly sneaky or hiding tactics that are not intended for human users. SEOs would use black hat SEO which was intended to fool search engines into ranking their website higher than the competition. Black Hat SEO is against Google’s terms of service and results in your site being penalized or even banned from search results.

By 2008 SEO had over 5 million SEO articles, tutorials, and guides on how to rank faster and higher in search results. SEO became a full-time job for SEOs because of all the SEO guides/tutorials that were available online at the time.

SEO had changed over the years, SEOs started to focus more on White Hat SEO techniques instead of trying to cheat search engines. White hat SEO was not popular until 2013 when SEOs started noticing a decline in rankings from SEO tricks. Sites that SEOs thought were ranking well for competitive keywords weren’t even on the first page of Google at all. SEOs would follow their old techniques and still not rank as high as they expected, so SEOs knew something had changed with Organic SEO.

In 2014 Google updated its SEO algorithm again to include more factors in SEO ranking. Google named its SEO update “Penguin” because of the algorithm filters that would crawl your website and rank it accordingly. SEO was no longer about finding new SEO tricks or techniques, it became more important for SEOs to keep up with Google’s updates. SEO is now an SEO consultant’s full time job, SEO is all about keeping up with SEO news and updating your website accordingly. SEO consultants must know what Google wants from a website the current SEO standards the site should follow to rank at a specific level.

How SEO Helped businesses?

SEO is important for business websites because it directly impacts your rankings in search engines, so if your rankings increase so will traffic to your site. You can’t have a successful business without any customers or traffic to your website, which means that SEO has saved many businesses from failing or going under. SEO saved businesses by increasing their website rankings and generating more traffic to their sites