First Glance at the Holy Kaabah

It is incumbent upon each Muslim man and lady to as soon as of their life make Hajj, pilgrimage to Islam’s holiest site, the Kaaba, a granite cubed constructing inside of the sizable Masjid al Haram outside Mosque in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. Allah commanded that the Kaaba be built on Earth to mirror God’s House in Heaven. The Kaaba changed into built via Adam, at the same time as Eve turned into speaking to Satan.

This years Hajj simply ended. Every yr Muslims travel from each nook of the globe to make Hajj, pilgrimage to Mecca. Inside of the Kabba, Koranic scriptures are written on the walls. Chapter fifty six of the Koran is called “The Event – Mecca.” Koran Chapter 9 verses 29-30 command each Muslim to “Make War on the Christians and the Jews.” As praise for massacring the infidel Christian men, girls, and children the Muslims get to go to Mecca within the sky, Heaven, outlined in Chapter 56 of the Koran, “The Event- Mecca.” In Sky Mecca, the faithful are rewarded for massacring Christian and Jewish kids with 72 Virgins, crystal clean water, a lush beautiful sparkling smooth environment, wine and not using a facet consequences, and excessive Google page ratings without the want for back hyperlinks.

When the Muslim warriors flew the airplanes into the dual towers on 911 they absolutely anticipated to the middle of their beings that the instant the planes hit the buildings, they might awaken in Sky Mecca with God, and their virgins, and their wine without a side effects. Who can argue with 1.3 billion humans? You go tell them that they may be insane. Send Pope Rat Singer in his excessive heeled shoes and Phyllis Diller’s ball gown and his ten gallon hat to inform them that during truth Jesus is about to fly down from Heaven on his flying horse and defeat the flying armies of Satan and Rapture each Christian guy, girl and baby into Heaven, saving them all from the nuclear blasts of the upcoming Nuclear World War three. Inside the Kabaa a bearded black hatted black covered Rabbi naughtily flicks the light switches on and off on the Muslim Sabbath, Friday.

The Alimentary Canal is the passage within the body through which meals passes and wherein it’s miles digested, extending from the mouth thru the esophagus, belly and intestines until it’s far expelled as feces through the anus. Intoxication is while you eat alcohol or a drug which reasons your frightened machine to lose manipulate, grow to be impaired. In the Old Testament, the Holy Scripture of Islam, Judaism and Christianity, God of Mount Sinai, aka Allah, Jesus and Elohim known as the Holy Bible excrement, feces, vomit polluting His two drugs carved in stone. He referred to as the Bible writers ignorant drunks who forged the Bibles and signed them “God.” He accused the Bible writers of being ignorant drunks constructing for the human beings a refuge of lies and falsehoods which would motive all of the humans to fall backwards and be damaged and ensnared and brought. It is all laid out with citations on the Temple of Love internet site on New page three. Jesus changed into even harsher in his denunciation of the Holy Bible.

This is why it changed into blasphemy punishable by way of death to permit lay human beings to examine the Bible themselves. The Priests have been sure that the instant this all became recognised people might stroll right out of the Churches and in no way come returned. This is in which they had been wrong. Who cares if the Holy Bible says three instances that the Earth would not move and it in no way will? A mere technicality isn’t always going to give up Christianity. The Christian people can’t anticipate Jesus to return flying down from Heaven and command all of his angels to throw each remaining non Christian guy, lady and infant into the fireplace for being real live devils.

In the Jewish Old Testament, Psalm 2, the Messiah is to come back and take a rod of iron and smash every last Goy, i.E. Non Jew, into 1,000,000 portions like a potter’s vessel smashed with iron. When Christianity adopted the Old Testament into their King James Bible they changed the phrase Goy into the phrase Heathen, meaning non Christian. When the Muslims adopted the Old Testament for Islam, they changed the phrase Heathen into the phrase Infidel, that means non Muslim. “Words are a supply of misunderstanding” said the fox in “The Little Prince.” If snakes can communicate to Eve then foxes can speak. It is so easy to look insanity in others and impossible to look it in ourselves.

Yesterday, all my problems appeared thus far away. Then, Hamas came to strength in Palestine. Like Iran, and Al Qaeda, Hamas intends to make the Koran the regulation of Palestine. Blowing up your personal frame to homicide Christians and Jews will become compulsory. Not to fear. Three years in the past President Bush publicly introduced that he become launching a Crusade in retaliation for 911. The Crusades were 1000 years in the past. You’ve visible one you have visible all of them. During the Crusade the Pope marched his Christian military throughout Europe massacring every Jew in their route until they reclaimed the Holy Land, status knee deep in Muslim blood in Jerusalem. The President of the United States of America together with his finger on the button of 25,000 a hundred Megaton nuclear warheads that split into eight in mid air each with a specific target, is on his manner to Jerusalem to meet Jesus whilst his flying horse touches down on Mount Zion. It must be quite apparent at this point that the little tiny ball known as Earth is a lunatic asylum for the criminally insane. Who might need to store it? Why could anyone want to save it? Lets simply get it over with already. Nuclear bombs were God’s gift to us to cease it all instantly, in contrast to while the Hutus murdered a million Tutsis with machetes. Tu Tu Tutsi Goodbye.

O.K. Lets get returned to this years’ Hajj. 2.5 million humans in Earth Mecca this year threw stones at three large stone pillars earlier than dawn in a symbolic stoning of Satan, in order to purge themselves of sin. Years in the past, on the day of atonement, the Jewish High Priest laid his fingers on the head of a goat then sent it out into the wilderness sporting with it the sins of the humans. Jesus sacrificed himself to scrub all Christians of their sins two thousand years before they have been born. People will accept as true with and do some thing to cleanse themselves of sin and get into Heaven in preference to going to Hell after they “die”.

As the Hajj Devil stoning wound down this 12 months, Reuters in advance revealed that the whole lot had long gone well at the Hajj this yr. There had been no catastrophic stampedes this yr, as in years past, Reuters suggested. Saudi female Umm Saad said inside the Reuters article carried in the world extensive media, “This is my first Hajj and I became terrified of the crowds. Then I allow religion take over my fear and the whole thing was satisfactory. It has been an excellent Hajj.” Thirty mins later Satan struck lower back. Someone inside the crush of people tripped over a chunk of luggage and the Muslim ladies and men fell down like dominoes on pinnacle of each other until 350 have been useless. Saudi Arabia’s Grand Mufti ended the festivities by way of saying, “Oh, Muslim nation, there may be a struggle against our Religion, towards our subculture under the pretext of fighting terrorism. We must stand firm and united in protecting our religion. Islam’s enemies need to empty our faith from its contents and its meaning. But the Islamic infantrymen of God may be successful.” The 2.5 million trustworthy answered, “Amen.”

Religion was the opium of the masses. haji plus  It has given that been changed by the Sony Corporation. With all due admire to the Sheikh, and the Pope and the Rebbe, Sony has better speakers. At least their sound is actual. We are all approximately to go up in smoke following what God of Mount Sinai refers to for ever and ever right inside the Holy Bibles of Islam, Christianity and Judaism as lethal lies. The irony is that our map right out of this whole mess is proper in these very Bibles. At The Temple of Love we don’t stone statues or promise you virgins. We just display you the map. It’s been proper under your noses for 3,200 years. And it turned into our non secular leaders and their followers who gave their blood to bring it to us all. It’s time we accompanied it. It’s now or in no way.