Activities in La Manga and Murcia

One thing about the Spanish vacation at La Manga is that there has never been a shortage of things to do. The activity at La Manga runs a gamut from peace up to his sizzling with excitement. It all depends on your mood every day. La Manga and Spain generally offer many opportunities for travelers who are looking for free time in the sun and more on the Spanish vacation.

La Manga, in the Spanish region of Murcia, is a piece of land of 28 kilometers. It divides the Mediterranean from the sea area called Mar Menor.

While on a Spanish vacation at La Manga, you can check Murcia and its history. In Murcia you can catch interesting bull glasses. In fact, Murcia is the home of the Museum of Banteng Murcia. A trip to the bull in Murcia will take you to the Murcia Bullring at Ronda De Garay. This is a unique place, and many tourists visit at least once to say they witnessed an exotic battle experience.

Exploring activities in La Manga and its surroundings will not be complete without investigating the culture preserved in galleries and museums. When enjoying staying at La Manga, you can check the center of science and art of Ceutimagina. Located in Ceyi, close to Murcia and La Manga resort area. The presentation of the art of science and the Ceutimagina art center has included Goya’s works โดจิน  and Salvador Dali. You might also want to visit the Huerta ethnology museum. This museum shows off tradition and popular art in the Murcia region. This is a place to learn more about everyday life in this Spanish region.

Outdoor activities in La Manga can include peaceful and relaxing streets throughout the surrounding landscape. A great place to walk is Calblanque Nature Reserve. This regional park is a protected environment. This walking area includes sandy beaches, hills, cliffs, and flats of salt. It boasts a set path. For those who relax on foot, Calblanque has a long beach and offers visitors the opportunity to see various forms of wildlife. It even has a designated area for camping.

Close to the area of ​​La Manga Resort is Sierra de Espuna National Park in Murcia. This is a suitable area for rock climbing and horseback riding. The road lane in this national park makes it possible to cross unfortunate and provide views of all rustic.

Other outdoor activities to take part in La Manga are tennis, go-karting and golf. Of course, there are lots of water sports to be enjoyed, such as water skiing, windsurfing, ski jets and scuba diving. In the end, there are also refreshing old swim in the villa, apartment or luxury resort private pool.

Activities in La Manga also include festivals that vary in this region. The festival in La Manga and the Murcian region continued throughout the year. Select a month and there must be several types of festivals that match your interests. The famous event is the Las Minas Flamenco Song festival. Another is the International Folklore De Mediterranean Festival, which lasted for three days every September. Another beautiful festival is a theater, music and dance international festival.

Spanish holidays in La Manga offer tourist access to everything that happens in the Murcia region. Of course, there is always a beach, along with Siesta. However, with all that, there is always time for museums or art galleries in this region and one of a number of festival fields. There are also sports activities. It’s your call when you exit the apartment accommodation, villa, or luxury resort to try some activities in La Manga and its surroundings.